Buy Pacific Made is an awareness campaign to promote Pacific Made products and services.

We are a group of entrepreneurs based in New Zealand with networks throughout the Pacific to promote and endorse Pacific products and services through marketing, sales, merchandising and distribution. We are a social enterprise dedicated to unleashing the potential of our people and their communities.

Our designers, growers, farmers, fishermen and manufacturers make some of the best products in the world, by buying their goods and services, not only are you getting great products, but you’re also making a difference to our local economies.

Your purchase is helping our families’ and villages with local jobs and the potential to create new employment for our future generations, and in turn maintain our way of life as Pacific People.

We are proud to represent and support our people. If you are looking for a passionate and highly experienced people to promote your brand, we would welcome your call.



What we do:

Buy Pacific Made is a social enterprise focused on making a difference

  • Representing a range of pacific brands that we believe in
  • Promoting the unique features and genuine points of difference of products from the pacific region
  • Delivering growth in sales of Pacific Products on a global scale
  • Treating the people we work with like our own family


The Pacific Solution

  • Website and Social Media promotion
  • Connections to retailers and sales channels
  • Sales and Merchandising
  • Brand and Product Development including logo and website design
  • Business development support and resources
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    Handmade Island Handbag
  • null
    Traditional Samoan Weapons (Souvenir)
  • null
    Hand Carved Kava Bowl (Tanoa Palu ‘Ava)
  • null
    Tapa Cloth (Siapo)
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    Kekesaiga (Chinese Biscuits)